Personal Project- Night-Fill staff

Here is a first take on a personal project I recently conceived and have started working on. I have gained access to photograph night-fill employees at The Warehouse in Lyall Bay. The first shoot was of Marcus, a Medical Student. He has taken on the summer temporary contract to get savings before heading to Dunedin in the new year. He doesn’t have an assigned department rather works with the general night-fill team as they hit areas together. He really liked the Tiger on the posters and wanted that in the background for his shot. One of his ambitions is to go and see Snow Leopard’s in the wild. It is extremely rare and not many people ever get to see them in their natural habitat which includes Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan. Marcus had been awake for over 24 hours when this photo was taken. It was the last break of the night which was around 3:15am.

1097 Night-Fill project. Marcus by the poster stand. Photo by Mark Tantrum |

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