Help Portrait Volunteers

On December 4th, 2010 I took part in Help Portrait, a global network of professional and amateur photographers giving back to their communities. After an earlier get together and briefing, I was assigned to turn up at the Child Cancer Foundation. There were already a number of photographers busy shooting there, so with Zelda MacKenzie, the Wellington coordinator, I went to the pediatric ward at Wellington Hospital.

I was privileged to photograph 3 children who were in the ward, and some of their family members who were visiting at the time. It was warmly received by the families for what it was, a simple gift from a stranger. I cannot post those photos online, because that goes against the spirit of the day- but I can share a photo of the volunteers from the day- I encourage anyone who is thinking of doing some volunteering to give it a go. It pays of much more that what it costs you…

Help Portrait Volunteer Collage

All the volunteers from the Wellington Help Portrait event 2010

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