Editorial Shoot: Hanson Court Flats

Tenant in his newly refurbished room

I shot this assignment for the Wellington City Council on December 17, 2010. The council flats on Hanson Court were retrofitted for earthquake strengthening and renovated for the tenants. I was there for the welcome back BBQ – tenants were able to socialize and mingle with members of the team who managed the project.

The challenge for me was achieving a natural look while being unobtrusive. The light levels were quite low, so I opted instead of shooting flash and interfering with the natural vibe – to shoot available light and increase the ISO on my camera. The Nikon cameras are so good at low light shooting that this was entirely possible without introducing excessive grain in the images.

It was a great experience spending time talking with tenants and staff from the WCC. I even got to go inside and take portraits of one of the tenants enjoying the space. This was the most rewarding part of taking my time and not rushing the shoot.

You can view all the images from the shoot here.

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