Fireworks went ahead in Wellington despite the strong southerly

Last nights Guy Faulkes display went ahead despite the strong southerly that hit around the same time (9pm). I photographed the event for the Wellington City Council. They wanted to show the fireworks with some people in the frame so I shot from near Oriental Bay looking back at the city making sure that I was in a spot behind some people gathered to watch. The trick was to keep the camera dry, which I did with plastic rubbish bags and gaffer tape. The other necessity was my Manfrotto tripod which locked down the camera so it was nice and steady. My trusty cable release was also used to make sure that I was not moving the rig, which was also doubly weighed down with my camera bag suspended underneath the supports of the tripod- that just weighs the whole thing down completely.

Here is a link to all the shots taken:

And a couple of my favorite shots from the night:

A family watch the spectacle right on the waters edge looking back over Wellington Harbour at the city.

A closer up view of the fireworks taken with my Nikon 70-200mm lens.

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