Shake the Fat dancers have a winning combination

On Monday 19 October, 2010 I was commissioned by the Porirua City Council to photograph an Aerobics Dance troupe named Shake the Fat. The image is to be used for a council newsletter describing the troupes latest success in a national competition. As expected, the troupe turned out to be lots of fun to work with. It turned out that they had scored big points on spirit which helped with the win.

My challenge was to find something that worked visually while keeping set up time under 15 minutes. Working with the representative from the council, we found a red wall that was close by the rehearsal room where the dancers were scheduled to practice. Alan, my dad was assisting on the shoot, so I had him stand in as a model for a basic 3 light setup. I shot two main lights off the white ceiling and had a 3rd back light shining back at the camera from a low stand, visible in this test shot:

Alan Tantrum models the 3 light set up we worked on against a red wall updstairs at Te Raupraha Arena in Porirua.

The ladies arrived and then the rest of the shoot was loads of fun. It was a bitter sweet story as one of the ladies was sick, but the buoyant spirit of the group was uplifting and I ended up wishing that I could have spent more time with them. It was a great atmosphere to be around. I found myself laughing and smiling more than usual and really felt happy to have been able to meet the group. No wonder they wowed the judges!

My favourite shot from the shoot- to see more images, click on this one.

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