Season Finale of the Ricter City Roller Derby

Following the great success of shooting a previous Roller Derby, Stop Drop and Roll I had a short span of time available to go back to Wellington’s TSB Arena and shoot the season finale, ‘Disorder of Magnitude.’ The event was on Saturday, 16 October, 2010 with a start time of 7pm.

I had an assistant, Anna with me to help with the lighting. Learning from the last Derby, this time I used off camera flash and had Anna track the girls as they came around the track. This is the same technique that I used when shooting cyclists on the road- here is a behind the scenes video of that shoot.

On a side note, a fun thing was to see a banner up displaying one of my shots from Stop Drop and Roll up in the front entrance of the TSB Arena. Its always nice to see images out there being used and seen in the community. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire young girls to one day train up and be Roller Derby participants in the future?

Entrance to TSB Arena with banner showing "Ms Savage" and "Goregasm" face off prior to the start of a JAM. Richter City Shakedown Stop Drop and Roll Roller Derby. Saturday July 24, 2011. Image shot at start of the 'Disorder of Magnitude' event 16 October, 2010.

Prior to the main Roller Derby event, there was a curtain raiser demonstration of Futsal, a five a side version of soccer. With some fast paced Latin music in the background, it made for a great spectacle. Here is a gallery showing the images I captured of that game:

Two players compete for possession of the ball during the demonstration match. A fast paced and exciting game that I think will have real potential as a crowd pleasing spectator sport in the future.

The main event of course was the Roller Derby. Unfortunately, I had another commitment I had to get to immediately after the start of the event. I did manage to get in 3 jams before I had to call it a night. Here is a link to all the shots taken that night: Below are 3 of my favorite shots from the night.

Team 'Smash Malice' link arms to block competitor team jammer 'Suffer Jet' from getting past them.

I was happy with some of the flash blur effect that I was able to achieve with these images- the background and competitors in the back have gone slightly blurry, while the competitors in the front are nicely lit and crisp.

In reverse, team "Brutal Pageant' now block 'Smash Malice' in a jam- this one I think is getting there with regard to slowing the shutter down while using flash to light the subjects. When I shoot this event in the future, I may go even further with the exaggeration of blurring the background.

Parting shot:

I chose this as the last shot because it shows the athleticism of the event and determination that 'Skanda Lass' has in her expression. It's looks like a lot of fun, I think most of the competitors secrectly wish they could have a go. Also it loks very brutal out there from such a close perspective.

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