New Zealand Post Book Awards

Today is the first day in a 4 day shoot at the New Zealand Post Book Awards. I fly up to Auckland at 6:30am which means I have to leave the house by 5:30am to get to the airport in time for check in. Ouch! Basically I have the day free in Auckland, so will be meeting the editor of New Zealand Fitness magazine for lunch then will have time to do a location scout at the Langham Hotel where the book awards presentations are happening this evening.

I will be posting updates throughout the weekend with some selected photos. I am excited to have such a big shoot in an city away from Wellington- lots of planning and prep went into getting gear and equipment ready and pared down enough to go on the plane. Fingers crossed it all goes well…

Update: 10:30am

Well the transfers and logistics all went well. I hiked out from Lyall Bay to Wellington airportĀ  with all my gear in a big army backpack + camera backpack on the front and laptop bag on the side. Good practice for more remote shoots that require hiking in. From Auckland airport, I caught the Airport Express bus which dropped me off at the Langham Hotel where I was able to drop off my gear.

After a scout and meeting with the folks at Booksellers, I walked out to Sale Road, which is a cafe/ bar where I have arranged my lunch meeting. On the way over, managed to see a car accident on Queens Drive – a car rear ended another. It is a gray, misty kind of day today- which must have made the chances of seeing the cars in front and stopping quickly that much more difficult.

Auckland's Sky Tower shrowded in mist

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