Filming wrapped on The Devils Rock movie

I was fortunate to become involved with the 15 film shoot for the feature length movie The Devils Rock this month. Filming wrapped this past Saturday, and now the post production phase moves into full swing. My involvement with the film was doing EPK, or Editorial Press Kit. I also was lucky enough to be at the right place and right time on the first day of filming to shoot stills for promotional purposes on the film.

The official stills photographer for the film was off set on the first day so the producer Paul Campion had me shoot all day images of the set and scenes in the movie being shot. There was a key scene in the film which we shot. It was interesting shooting bracketed focus. The lighting was quite dark and atmospheric so my aperture was open reducing depth of field. To counter this, Paul had me shoot different frames focusing on different sections of the set. In Photoshop, the designers would then be able to have focus on any area of the scene they needed. A great technique giving lots of options later on…

Another day of shooting stills was on location at Breaker Bay. It was great to be involved with such a big production and shoot in an area that I had previously worked by myself. There were a lot of similarities in the locations the Director of Photography chose to shoot on the beach to the ones I picked for family portraits. Perhaps a little weird, given that it is a horror film! Those spots seemed to have the best dramatic effect on the beach for me- it was nice having others use them for a different purpose to tell a much different story…

I’m still working on delivering all the stills from this shoot and will not be posting on my blog until I find out exactly what the usage terms and conditions are- it may be I hold off publishing anything until the film comes out next year. Watch this space!

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