End Game play showing at Downstage Theater – I shot the opening cocktail hour

The Wellington City Council commissioned me to shoot the opening party for End Game, a play put on by Capital E and showing at Downstage Theater. I worked closely with the Capital E folks in getting names and submitting the images to the Dominion Post for their weekend deadline. The Dom ran this review and also a photo in the social pages on Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

End Game Performers Kenny King, left, Amy Tarleton and Dan Weekes.

Excerpt from the Downstage website:

“As directed by Leo Gene Peters, End Game by Kate Morris and Rachel Callinan (not to be confused with Samuel Beckett’s Endgame) stages a highly technological cyberspace concept with great ingenuity in real physical space… Billed as “an ideal first Downstage experience for 8 to 14 year-olds”, End Game is a play their parents will appreciate too.”
John Smythe – Theatreview

“Alice went down a rabbit hole to Wonderland… That was 19th century fantasy. 21st century fantasy, as seen by Kate Morris and Rachel Callinan in their amusing play for Capital E End Game, has Alex playing computer games. Just like Alice he’s sucked into another world, the world of his favourite game….Another fine Capital E production aimed with pinpoint accuracy at its target audience.” Laurie Atkinson – The Dominion Post

A twist of fate propels Alex and his mother into a computer game — to face a land of mythical creatures and heart-stopping challenges. This is not going to be a typical
school day. An ideal first Downstage experience for 8 to 14 year-olds.

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