Booksellers NZ 98th Conference

A portrait made immediately after John Allen, Chief Executive and Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade spoke at the Booksellers NZ 89th Conference on “Nation-Building with Books” – John stands in front of a display that was created for the conference made out of books.

John Allen stands in front of a display built by Booksellers NZ

John’s presentation really impressed me for the passion and enthusiasm that he exhibited in delivering his content. His actions were a joy to photograph because he was constantly using his body language to add emphasis to what he was saying. Both were great to witness, his thoughts on New Zealand being more globally focused really resonated with me- I think that is exactly what business in general needs to be doing to compete on the global stage. The real challenge of course is to find funds to invest in Research and Development so that business can find its unique value proposition, or in my case self fund more photography that inspires people with creative ideas in my photos that fulfills a need plus solves a problem they have.

John Allen focusing on a point he is making during the presentation

An example of really putting energy in passion to a speech with his whole body and mind

At the end of the talk, during the question and answer time, John Allen uses his hands to illistrate what he is saying

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