Is it a building or a graphic?

As part of an architectural assignment for a client, I shot a building called D4 which is on Wellington’s Waterfront Wharf area. Access is somewhat limited, the back of the building has parking lots and closed of security areas for immigration, which leaves only the front of the building as the most interesting and accessible angle area to shoot from. There is an overpass for Wellington’s athletic stadium currently called Westpac Stadium with the onramp going right past the building.

I got there late afternoon and took a scout around the entire building to find good angles. To be honest I was not that hopeful that I would really get anything too interesting of this building. I was getting prepared to go to extremes to make the building stand out from the surrounds- it still has a lot of construction going in and around it. When I started shooting, the shots blew me away how graphic they were. With the time of day being late afternoon and using a polarizing filter made for the sky to pop. The pristine clean sky in New Zealand really helps. On a fine day, the sky’s just wonderful how rich a blue is possible.

Contrasting that with the stark white of the building makes it seem almost not real. The shot we chose for the assignment was taken from the top of the overpass. I climbed up onto the railing to see over the fence and hung on with an elbow as traffic went below me on Waterloo Quay. The feedback has been interesting for this image. People have asked if its really a photo! I guess that is a complement- it certainly did not look like this on the day with the naked eye.

View of a new building being completed on Wellington's waterfront D4 on the Wharf

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