Wellington City Council cellebrates creativity at Gold Awards

In my first assignment for the Wellington City Council, I photographed the Annual Gold Awards. The brief was to be there for the whole event, making sure to capture the cocktail hour, the Mayor Kerry Prendergast, and other counselors at the three sponsored tables at the event.

Wide show showing the venue and stage.

I was really impressed by the speech that Kerry Prendergast delivered. She was introduced by Zane Te Wiremu Jarvis who sang an opera number then was joined by the mayor who did a stunning duet with him to great applause. Apparently she was accused as not being multi-cultural enough so sang Opera in Italian as well. It was cool to see someone with that much responsibility and real pressure have fun and put themselves out there.

Wellington City Mayor Kerry Prendegast recieves applause for her song at the beginning of her speech + introduction of the Councils Creativity Awards.

And the winners were- Taika Waititi who won the Absolutely Creatively Wellington Ambassador Award, and Barnaby Weir who won the Absolutely Creatively Wellington Award. The shot of Barnaby is mine, while Taika was away in New York filming a movie so that photo is a stock shot.

I was really impressed by the work that the two winners had put out there. It was great to see their intro videos that showcased their work and then hear from the recipients directly afterward (Taika spoke via a pre-recorded video from his hotel room).

Another individual that really impressed me was John Todd. For such a successful individual, he had such poise and dignity while still having a crack at the designers of the Te Papa building.

John Todd makes a piont during his accecptance speech for the Tribute to Wellington Icons award.

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