Portraits can work on a rainy day…

2010-05 Rebecca and Kieran Engagement Portraits slideshow – Images by Mark Tantrum

This portrait session was done on Tuesday May 25th 2010. The day started out great, but the wind and rain picked up by midday and by the time we got to the beach it was basically a miserable day. Rather than cancel, we gathered together our resolve and soldiered on. We all brought umbrellas and waterproof bags to store the gear in. The other important element was artificial lighting. Even though overcast days are great for portraits- seriously gray rainy days are just too gloomy for pleasing results. What we used was a portable battery powered strobe triggered by a pocket wizard radio controller. This was shot into a small portable softbox which Tessa, my assistant held just out of the frame. The artificial light basically was the main light for the shoot. The secondary light was the natural ambient which was a little bit darker in the exposure.

The walking shots and the shots of the couple out on the rock was not artificially lit. Those more environmental shots work well in natural light because the face is not prominent in the frame anyways.

Even though the day was miserable, we had a lot of fun. It was exhilarating getting out in extreme weather. Its also great for getting the beach to yourself with no-one in the background messing up shots…

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