Look behind you at Rugby games

The action on the field

On Saturday, I went to watch my nephews play rugby for the first weekend game of the season. My youngest nephew is 5 and his game was on first at the Oriental Rongotai Football club. For the young kids, the emphasis is on fun- getting out there and having a run without worrying too much about rules, scores, or anything else that interferes with the flow of the game. While there was some interesting action on the field, I was reminded about the lesson I learned early in my career- always have eyes in the back of your head. Another nephew who is too young to play was having a great time on the sidelines. I looked back a couple of times and got these images that in many ways are as much fun as what I was shooting for 99% of the time!

The action happening behind me was just as interesting at times, particularly with cute expressions...

The other thing that was interesting for me was getting a low angle and how much that affected the way the shots turned out – I tried getting down on one knee approximately at eye level or a little bit lower and found the images improved considerably. The players seemed to grow in stature and become more monumental. Its fun to depict smaller kids in this way, it makes them seem like fully grown adults and that is not your usual fare from most people taking photos at these events- its any easy way to make the images different and possibly a bit stronger without too much effort.

An example of the lower angle for photographing the younger players

For the second game, my nephew played at Scotts College- a private school in Miramar. This was a pre-season warm up game between two sides of the same school, each from a different weight class. My nephew was subbed for most of the time there. It was interesting to try photograph this higher level of game. I have not shot rugby in any serious capacity yet. This was good to try out some angles and approaches of trying to predict where to be on the sidelines. It turns out not too different from shooting American Football- you want to be down the field looking back at the approaching players or shooting from behind the try line looking at the approaching team. The line outs were different and fun to shoot- here is one that I think turned out well.

A new sport for me to photograph, the line outs were fun to capture action in a single frame

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