Formal studio portraits with a touch of cool

Living the dream of being a famous Jazz player, even if in the confines of the studio

Another dream this time one that could be played out on court...

A formal family portrait done to match a previous shoot done of the family- I came up with the diamond shape idea with the help of some aerobic steppers that were handy and a need to fit everyone in the vertical orientated frame.

I have photographed this family a number of time for different reasons- stock photo shoots for and for the Health Trust. This time was family portrait sessionĀ  with an in house portable studio setup. The first shot was the formal portrait with black background. The real challenge was to light it with some stronger looking directional lighting to match an old black and white family portrait that they had.

The individual portraits enabled a little more creative juices to be poured. The boys shots were first. He was a reluctant participant to start with- he did not want to pose for the sake of it, so instead I suggested that he actually play the instrument and have some fun with it. The resulting image came when he relaxed and started to get into playing.

For the girl (twin sister), she had no problem with getting motivated. We just had some fun trying out different poses and swings. I think the more natural look that we achieved here came mainly from doing a bunch of warm up shots of actual serves which led to this natural looking repose.

I like the challenge that a studio brings- there is a restriction on the space which you can shoot. It is a deliberate and intentional space that for kids must seem daunting to try and be natural within. The real trick is to help them forget those surroundings and focus on something that is interesting and engaging so that they are themselves.

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